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About Microscope Slides Eyepiece Reticle

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1.Our company is a professional large-scale microscope micrometers manufacturer directly.

2.Customized Size(diameter can be as low as 8mm) and Wholesale and OEM are welcome. If you are interested in,please contact us. thank you

3.Our products are passed third-party inspection,such as HAP. All of our micrometers are inspected one by one before shipping.

4.All microscope micrometers are made by laser etching process and the workmanship is exquisite. All scale is clear,non-broken lines and will not fade, so it can be reused many many times. Please do not compare our product with other silk screen process scale cheaper micrometer. Silke screen process scale micrometer is easy to fade and its scale is not clear, so it can not be reused many times.

5.It is usually used in optical fields, laboratry, teaching and some industrial equipments. 

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