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The application of portable metallographic microscope

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Portable metallographic microscope (also known as hand-held metallographic microscope) is convenient for field materials can not be produced when the sample to identify the various metal and alloy structure of the site identification, can be widely used in factories Metallographic laboratory for metal materials, microstructure analysis and identification, and after the material treatment of the metallographic structure of the analysis. Can also be used for jade, ceramic, bronze surface structure observation and analysis. Portable metallographic microscope with LED vertical lighting, do not use 220V AC power, easy to use, the real portable features, so that users want to observe how to observe, observe the freedom of large, lightweight and convenient. Portable metallographic microscope lighting can be used for a continuous forty hours or so, use a long time, power, LED lights the biggest feature temperature is very small, not much heat, the use of safety. High-quality portable metallographic microscope can be configured CCD, digital camera, can be easily collected, stored, input the scene of the image analysis.

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